O! Newsletter #110


Damn, where could it be?

    I can't wrap my head around it, I've been looking for two hours now... When did I last use it? Anyway, I'm pretty sure I had it with me this morning, when I had that talk with Jean-Bernard about his son's higher education...
    Actually it all comes back to me now, it's exactly during the meeting on the new eco-designed packaging that I lost it. Yes, that has to be when it started. It's always the same, everytime someone talks to me about environmental issues, global warming, collapse of the biodiversity, imminent apocalypse... Boom, I suddenly lose it and find myself in the middle of a mediocre movie scenario, with a very clear schematic pattern of good guys, bad guys, the champions of the greater good eventually defeating the scary-looking forces of evil. It ain't so subtle, even quite binary, but it makes it all so much more simple, clear, comforting, a kind of manichean "just gotta" therapy to adress the current disorders we face. So the meeting went pretty well, quick and efficient. For this new packaging we just gotta use natural, biodegradable, environment-friendly, plastic-free materials (or with that new ethic bio-ethylen made from non-GMO banana skin in an autonomous Venezuelian village that looks great) and done it is, eco-conception exercise over. Bertrand even had the great idea of using "vegan leather" (sic) for the sticker and closing ribbon. Jacqueline and François, from marketing thought it was genius and had a great "storytelling impactance" (sic). "Vegan leather" has to be eco-friendly, right? By the way, Jacqueling has recently read a dithyrambic article about an "apple leather sofa", which is apparently a very efficient material to save the planet, and a very "positive-thinking customer experience" (sic)    .
    But the problem is... Now I do doubt. Are solutions that simple, have we grasped the real size of the problem, chosen the right approach? Have we not been abused by empty made-up words, which would deserve to be questioned, thought through, taken from a distance? Ah, my head hurts. Anyways, I always lose it when I need it the most... It has to be at the coffee machine, or somewhere around it. Ah, finally, there it is! Nah, that's my phone... But where is that goddamn brain?? I do need it right now to save the planet, which is actually quite important, enough messing around!